I still use my palmtop. Whenever I need repairs or cables for my HP200LX, I get them from www.palmtoppaperstore.com

They always have what I need available for immediate shipment and the old CIS DOS program is lightning fast compared to WCIS or Datamate. Datamate advanced requires a user license from Siemens to be used legally, but WCIS is available for free. WCIS works on Windows 2000 and up to XP, but at last look is not yet supported for Windows 7 platforms. Same with Datamate Advanced. Believe it or not, Siemens field employees are still on the XP platform. WCIS and Datamate Advanced (or base) can also run on WinCE for modern handheld functionality. iPhone, iPad, and Windows 7 apps are in the works and should be available first quarter of 2012.