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    Honeywell web 700 not booting


    I have site that has been running for about two years now. Has a web 700 serving up graphics for me. We had a storm here last week and seems sense it is having issues. I arrived today and I tried to login to the controller from the OWS and it fails through webproAX.

    So I went to the controller, the power supply im using a NPB-PWR-UN-H (90-263V to 15VDC power supply), the light is on on the power supply and the jace "status" light is on steady green. According the the manual the The status LED should remain lit whenever the WEB/CP-700 is powered, or else be blinking during the boot sequence. It never blinks when I apply power. The "beat" light never lights up at all. According the the manual it should blink once per second.

    When I use the LAN ports on the jace I cannot ping it, and both LAN ports have 2 lights behind the cover, all I get it the yellow (amber) light on the port I am plugged into but no green light showing that a connection has been made.

    Seems to me as if the JACE has went south. Any recommendations on what to try?

    I tried cycling power to it already no change.

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    If you don't get a ping response or the heartbeat isn't there your only remaining options are serial shell/telnet to reload the OS or replace it.

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    If there's no heart beat from the status light chances are it's cooked.

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