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Thread: CPC Dealers..

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    CPC Dealers..

    Wondering if anyone knows of any CPC vendors? Looking to get some E2s priced.

    Aside from CPC Canada out of Brantford..

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    McFridgeGuy, CPC is owned by Emerson Technology (Copeland, Flow, Browning, US Motors, etc) ... I don't what part of the world you're from, but a FULL line Emerson distributor should be able to sell you E2 product. ( I know at least one in the Southern California, USA can)....keep in mind that CPC mainly sells through their dealers such as large supermarket contactors and you will have to be certified to be authorized to install some of their higher end product.

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    Well I work for a large supermarket contractor who is an authorized distributor/service provider for a different control system, the competition.

    But for certain applications it would be ideal to convert to an E2.

    Pretty much looking for a contractor who deals with Emerson who would have a cost on a RX400

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    I work for a company we are a dealer for cpc and we install there products.

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