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    Thumbs up Indoor Air Quality in Lagos Flights

    I think it safe enough to monitor the indoor air quality. especially in flights to Lagos from London.In door Air Quality carries the most importance in the Air Travel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by genesis View Post
    What is the particale size range ? Might be intrested if its 2.5 -.01
    i am also interested to know about and also want to get cheap flights to lagos from london if anybody know please share with me.

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    lpc engineer...
    In Australia for PM10 there is a 24-hour standard of 50 g/m3.
    For PM2.5, an advisory 24-hour (calendar day) reporting limit is set at 25 g/m3.
    Can you tell me please how i convert the particle counts in a cubic foot of air of the Dylos DC1100 (calibrated for 0.5 and 2.5 micron) to ug/m3 mass?
    Is there a conversion chart available please?

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    Conversion from count to mass

    Take a look at #56 to #59 this thread. There are several links that address the issue of this conversion.

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