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    proffer hot and humid

    hello everyone , i have a dillama had the same problem years ago with onther unit, this profferisis getting nice and hot,but not enough hunidity, well i checked the unit : elements all good, water solonoid good, water flow good, probes good, then i remember when i called tech sopport about the same problem years back, howerver , this is the kicker i remeber if he said to lower the humidity and rais the heat, or rais the humidity and lower the heat so that one could over power the other and get what i wanted . but i just cant recall.

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    I assume you are talking about a proofer. If you post the manufacturer along with the model number I'm sure someone can help you.

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    Have you tried to descale the unit. If you have hard water it's a good think to do serveral times a year.

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