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    Carrier 19XR Change oil

    My company is using 2units of Carrier 19XR chiller operating alternately (1 chiller running per day) from 9am to 9pm. I've done the change oil after its 1st year of operation. When is the next change oil schedule? Should it be done yearly or base on running hours? Need feedback. Thanks.

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    Out of the 19XR Carrier book
    Oil Changes Carrier recommends changing the oil
    after the first year of operation and every five years thereafter
    as a minimum in addition to a yearly oil analysis. However,
    if a continuous oil monitoring system is functioning
    and a yearly oil analysis is performed, the time between oil
    changes can be extended.

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    Get the oil anilysed...if its Ok dont change's just a waste of the customers money and your time. I have seen Carrier compressors that have the oil changed and they sh#t them selves moments later!!!! if it's still working Ok why not leave it alone?????

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    19XR oil change

    Oil analysis has to be done every year. Make sure you replace the oil & refrigerant filters at the same time . What is your total run time on the hour meter and # of compressor startup s ?

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