Im NOT speaking from inexperience. Ive been through that same scenario more than once on those Carrier RTUs with the flat condenseor coils and the 06D comps.

He'll tear it apart or isolate the coil and find ZERO restriction.

Lost count on how mamy Carrier RTUs Ive worked on in the last 20 years.

The hose test just confirms that coil is junk. If its a discharge restriction where would it be ? In the 1 1/8 discharge line coming off the comp ?

The 5/8 header ? Seriously ?

If its a restriction a large differential will remain. when you put a hose on it right ?

It doesnt, the pressures will almost equalize. Its a test.

And why to discharge restrictions only happen on Carrier RTUs ?

They dont.

But they do have crap coils where the aluminum fins turn to dust way roo soon.