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    Conditioning outside air

    I need a good source for the importance of conditioning outside air. I posted in residential about a trailer job I did where the fresh air duct was placed above the evaporator coil on a downflow Intertherm furnace. It comes with it piped directly to the blower bypassing the coil, which it doesn't come with a coil on it. By piping Texas summer hot air directly to the blower then intermixing with already conditioned 55 degree air, you would create condensation in the blower creating mold and rust. By intermixing with house air, filtering it and conditioning it, you are eliminating the condensation issue. There is a moisture issue in the house and they are trying to blame on me. I need some good ammunition for my meeting Thursday.
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    "Dehumidification in HVAC Systems" by John Murphy and Brenda Bradley, Trane Applications Engineering Manual is interesting and discusses what happens depending on how and where you introduce fresh air. A shorter, earlier, easier to digest version is " Dehumidification Performance Of HVAC Systems" by John Murphy.
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    I would think it would be better to pass the air over the evap to dehydrate and cool the air. In a residential setting, maybe a small duct booster in the fresh air duct mounted to the wall in the furnace return nook of the mobile home. Wire the duct booster to turn the booster on with the furnace blower. Let the filter and coil clean, dehumidify and cool the fresh air.

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