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    Communicating / Programmable Thermostats

    We replaced our old furnace with Rheem Prestige Series: Up to 96% AFUE Modulating ECM Motor furnace. Right now we have Honeywell RTH 850 programmable thermostat from Home Depot connected by two wires to the new furnace.
    Please tell me what kind of thermostat we should buy to get the best performance of our new furnace.
    We do not have any additional heating/cooling system at home no heat pump, no air conditioners.
    Technician who install our furnace was not able to recommend us anything.
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    You should get a Rheem 500 series communicating thermostat to properly control the modulation, im surprised the person who installed the furnace did not recommend this.
    Our second product line is Ruud(same as rheem) and we use the TST-501 with all our modulating furnace sales.
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    Thank You.

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