Carrier Infinity 58MVB / Noisy Inducer Motor/Assembly
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    Carrier Infinity 58MVB / Noisy Inducer Motor/Assembly

    I have a Carrier Infinity series 58MVB. Still under warranty.

    it worked flawlessly for 2 years. then, a couple months ago, it started making a real loud

    intermittent squealing noise.
    so I called sears who I bought it from, and they sent out a local contractor. it was

    determined it was the inducer motor. The contractor ordered the part, and came a couple

    weeks later and replaced the entire assembly.

    Intermittent squealing noise is gone.

    BUT...the new part makes a constant "grinding or buzzing" noise, hard to explain, kind of a

    high pitch whirring. I pointed this out to the contractor when it was first installed, and

    he said to give it a few days, sometimes they just need to loosen up a bit from new, but to

    call sears again if it continues, as "it wouldn't be the first defective new replacement

    part". Fair enough, these things happen.

    3 weeks later, the noise on the new part persists, so I call Sears. This time, they send one

    of their own service guys out, who insists that the noise its making is perfectly normal and

    nothing can be done. I told him the orginal part didnt make this noise for the first two

    years. He countered with "sometimes they change the spec of the parts, to make them

    universal for a range of furnace models"

    While I dont doubt they use the same parts on multiple furnace models, I'm extremely

    skeptical about them changing specification - my orginal part was quiet for two years. the

    new part (which looked identical to me when the first contractor installed it) is noisy.

    Here's the thing - I specifically purchased this model of furnace, not for any fuel

    efficiency advantages it might have over others, but because I was told it was a QUIET

    furnace, this was top of my wishlist, and I didn't mind paying premium for it. and for the first two years it was quiet. But, now I have an expensive loud HE furnace. I wish I'd gone with the cheaper one..just as loud for less money.

    But seriously, can any of the pro installers/service guys confirm that the replacement

    inducer motor assembly is just made louder than the original ? like I said, I'm highly


    I called Carrier hoping for some technical support, and to get a 'manufacturer says it shouldnt be like this' but they seemed to be more of a sales company, redirecting me instead to the dealer (sears) who is (I think) being less than honest with me, so I'm right back where I started.

    I dont understand this, as surely sears would be paid by Carrier for warranty calls ?

    Apologize for the long and rambling post.

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    It shouldn't be making a grinding or buzzing noise. Some are louder than others, but that being said you just may have to squeak louder than your inducer to get action. I have changed more than one on a few occasions to end up with a quiet one.
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    Carrier has had issues with inducers on 90% furnaces vibrating loudly. I have had to repeatedly replace some to get to a quiet one. You should have it replaced again. As a side note - Carrier does not pay Sears for warranty calls. They will supply parts at no charge during your warranty period but Sears is eating your labor.
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    Yes...Carrier has had issues with noisy inducer assemblies. On some we had to actually put in reinforcing screws in the back of the cabinet to make it work. Carrier is well aware of this issue. As noted above, a squeaky wheel will fix a noisy inducer motor; but exercise patience and goodwill.

    Sears probably gets a stipend for any warranty labor they perform - I don't see why they would be any different from any other contractor (even though they are subbing). I could be wrong...but it would be suicide to distribute a major appliance and assume all warranty labor responsibility. We sure as hell don't and Carrier gives us a bit of change for every warranty call.

    But that shouldn't concern you; having paid a considerable amount of money for a model that should indeed be very quiet. That's what the brochure stated and the salesman blabbed on about, right?

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    Thanks everyone for the replies. This is good information to know, from what I'm reading here, this is not an uncommon problem. I will be persistent, but polite. I'm hoping eventually they'll just order the darn part to make me to go away :-)

    I just called sears, explained the situation, and they said they'll send someone else out, and (without me asking) they said "we wont send the same guy as last time"

    When he comes out, I'll ask him just to replace the part.

    hurtinhvac - yes, that's what the sales guy told me. When he came here, I made it perfectly clear that my number one interest was noise, closely followed by reliability and comfort. fuel consumption, although important, was not my number one concern, and yes, he had all the glossy brochures and reviews to sell me on this one...considerably more expensive than some of the other models. Still, up until a few weeks ago, I was very happy with it, I hope I will be again.

    You're right, I'm not too concerned with how sears get paid for warranty calls, but I was just trying to get a feeling for if its in their financial interests to brush me off, as I just learned Sears Home Services (in Canada) are in receivership right now...while I don't know what that means exactly, I do know it means they're struggling financially, and that can't be good.

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