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    Cats and Furnace issues

    We had a furnace installed 6 years ago, location is in a basement and there are approx 10 cats living there. The cats lay on the duct work above the furnace and the smell is horrendous. For the past year we have had several issues: Heat exchanger intake box connection rotted on the outside, control board failures, pressure switches etc. Every part that can be changed has been replaced with the exception of the outer cabinet which looks to be 20 years old and not the 6 that it is. The basement has flooded before, cat urine is evident on the ducts near and above the furnace and the tenant refuses to relocate the cats and their litter boxes.
    My questions are: Has anyone had any experience with this type of environment? Should we be looking at a harsh environment furnace, what type if any are out there. Are the cats in deed contributing to these issues.

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    Please don't make duplicate posts.

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    10 cats!?

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    Sorry 1st post was in the wrong forum

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    Yes 10 cats on a slow day. Basement door has a pet door - property is located out in the middle of farm country.

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    Seems simple. Lock pet door or keep paying to repair furnace.

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    Ahhh... the fun of rentals... this is why I no longer own them.

    IMO there is no solution to the issue... other than to write into the lease the tenant will have to take responsibility for this mess.

    If it were in a city... you could get the local govt to collect the cats... but I doubt that will work in the country.

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    Make the tenant pay for a new furnace.
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    Get your rental agreement re-written ASAP and stop the large number of pets from destroying this property. As far as I know there is not a HVAC system made that will stand up to this and you also must consider the damage your property is getting. Indoor air quality must be horrible. Close up the "pet door" period.

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    Cats and Furnace issues

    Teach them to sleep outside and pee on the condenser like the dogs do, that will get rid of the smell.

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