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    Do I need a new thermostat - Carrier Adaptive logic technology?

    Hi all,
    I'm shopping for a new 2 stage, variable speed furnace, and there is a 50/50 split in my quotes for installing a new thermostat vs keeping my current Honeywell (original to the home, 20yr olds, currently operating a 20yr old York).

    Some quotes indicate that the furnace comes with a new thermostat.
    Some say the original Honeywell is fine to control the new one.
    Some have indicated that the Honeywell COULD do it, but it would be based on a timing algorithm, not on actual heating needs.
    Some say after 20 years it should be replaced because it may just not function well after this long.

    Thoughts on those statements?

    Likewise, one particular model of furnace we're considering is: Carrier 59TP5A060E17-14 The rep claims that Carrier has 'Adaptive logic' technology, so it is actually the furance's motherboard that controls
    when it needs to fire on low vs high. And because of that 'learning' technology, the original thermostat would be fine.

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    Bump - sorry guys, I'm at a loss with this stuff, and am really hoping to pull the trigger on a new furnace.
    Please and thanks.

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    Get the 2 stage stat

    Have the stat control the stages not the furnace control board's algorithym controlling it.

    It will be more comfortable for you in the long run and you will have greater control over the furnace.

    With the stat controlling the stages of the furnaces you will also minimize cold drafts and even out room temps.

    Any one quoting a Honeywell IAQ Stat?

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    what he said

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    A few have mentioned the stat, but non have indicated which they would replace it with.
    (Unless trying to upsell the fancy WiFi type ones...) Is there some I should be looking at over others for 2-stage?

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