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    HeyBob, I get the concept, certainly for a home builder the savings could be dramatic. But I guess I just don't understand the incentive for this guy, a residential contractor, to do it if the savings is small. Why bait and switch for a "few gallons of gas" on a sale that is a couple thousand? It seems like that is a recipe for disaster in the long term, and the guy has been in business a while.
    He may primarily be a new construction contractor and stocks G40's or maybe just has a lot of that stuff in stock and wants to get rid of it. I am almost afraid to ask, but what the heck are the first 5 digits of the S/N?

    I had to dig to find those differences, I don't sell low line equipment so I was suprised myself that there was that much difference between a G50 and a G40, he may not know himself and I have been a Lennox dealer for quite a while.
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