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    Does the Cond unit have a drier installed ? Low on freon pump it up and you'll be fine..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mldncx1 View Post
    I'm a semi-retired HVAC service tech with some install experience.
    Any ideas?
    It appears to me that you are getting a little more experience now...

    Next time...NO SHORTCUTS !!!
    Some people just aren't smart enough to be stupid....

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    forget about pumping it down and taking it apart, charge by superheat first, i would try this before going through all that unless you really want to put in the dryer.

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    Yesterday I pumped down the system, blew backwards thru the lineset and ecoil, and inspected the metering pin. I didn't find anything so I pulled a vacuum down to 300 microns and made sure it held for five minutes. Then I released the R22. I doubt I'll be running the AC anymore this year, but if I start it up next year and it makes the same noise, I'll have to figure I already had air in the system.

    Thanks again for all the responses!

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