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    Two Units, Same Smell - Both brand new systems...

    I have purchased a Goodman gas pack (Model: GPG152407041) back in September.
    - This was replacing a 10 year old Trane needing a new AC Coil and heat exchanger due to crack and leaking respectively.
    - We had the Goodman in place and the AC was great and no concerns.

    When we started to use the heater in the beginning of October, we immediately noticed a bad smell.
    - We did not have the smell with our old unit and did not have any smell with the AC over the summer.
    - Duct work is in a crawl space.
    - There are no signs of gas leaks or sewer leaks under the house.

    This smell seemed like it was something sulfur related, a little bit like natural gas/combustible air but was not detected as CO or Explosive Gas.
    - The smell is not always coming out of the vents.
    - We typically only smell the smell out of a vent or two between cycles, meaning when the heater is off, though was just on.
    - If the unit is off for a few hours, the smell goes away completely.
    - We also feel a residual heat flowing out even when the unit is off.
    - This is what seems to be carrying the smell.
    - If the unit is on and off on a cold day, the smell was pretty continuous.
    - It may have been happening when the air was blowing hard though it was being mixed with the cycled air.

    There were several things that we tried over the 4 months of smelling this.
    - The gas company came out and did not detect any gas.
    - CO detectors did not go off.
    - The installer could not smell anything.
    - We then got Goodman involved and they asked us to purchase a COEG Kiddie detector and keep it at the vent.
    - The unit never went off despite this smell.
    - We also went through and ran the heater with the windows open to allow further burn off a few times.
    - This did not seem to change anything.
    - The installer came out and cleaned the aluminum AC Coil which seemed like it helped for a few hours.

    After battling this from October to January, the Goodman rep came out and indicated he could not smell anything. - We received a refund and worked with the installation company to get a new unit.

    Six days ago, we went through and had our duct work replaced (original was from 2003) AND put in a Rheem (Model: RRPLB024JK06EBVA) on January 27th.
    - The new duct work has the R8 insulation along with the larger openings for better airflow.
    - We are very happy with the duct work. Also, the new unit is also heating up great.

    The problem that we are asking here about is that the smell has returned within a few days on this second unit.
    - The smell is not as strong as it was... though is starting to become worse.
    - The goodman was 2ton, 15seer/70,000 btu's where the Rheem is 2ton 14seer/60,000 btu's.
    - The Rheem heat exchanger is stainless steel. I am guessing the Goodman had an aluminized steel exchanger.
    - I am guessing the condenser coil is made of aluminum on both.

    Note that we are not referring to thee new unit burn off smells that are obvious and expected.
    Also, we did have some smell while the mastic was curing though this has pretty much gone away.

    Please help us to understand what this smell is.
    - Since both of these units are exhibiting the same smell, this seems like something that we should expect.
    - Also, the Goodman rep and the installer said all they smell is heat... Does this mean that this bad sulfur smell is normal?
    - though with smells, it was not real strong whenever they showed up....

    The same installer did both of these unites.. is there something that installers use that may not be standard?

    Some side notes:

    A couple of days ago, I put in a Filtrete Odor Reduction Filter 1200 Carbon Filter with no change.

    We had the duct work tested as part of the install and it was rated at 3% loss, which they said was really great.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The assumption right now is that this smell is coming from oils of some sort, or maybe even an adhesive, but since two units have this, guessing oil residue either on the heat exchanger OR on other area's inside the heating area are the likely culprits....

    Based on some feedback from a few folks, I am just going to run the heater with the windows open till the smell goes away.

    Thanks in advance for any response to this one!

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    2 units and new ductwork? I wouldn't think it had anything to do with the system other than distributing the smell. has anyone checked for rodents. I have been through this more than once. usually the oil smell is gone in 1-2 days even on a heavily coated units. I must say, I am impressed. you got a refund even with no positive proof it was the equipment. and the reps and installers smelt nothing. you my friend have a silver tongue. lol I have fought them over a crack. lol

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    do you get the smell when you are in the crawl space with and with out the heater? i agree with snupytcb look for rodents do you happen to be pulling any outside air in with your return?

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