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This virus is rather notorious now, and if you get it, your computer will just boot up to the screen display and you will never get to your windows start page. This link shows a very easy way (relatively speaking) to do a system restore on your computer using the DOS prompt. I want to encourge anyone who wants, to go to this web page and at least print "Option 1". After you restore your computer, it's also very important to download Malware Bytes to remove the 2 trojans. In fact it's a good idea to download Malware Bytes anyway. I run it about once every 2 weeks. You can update the data base before you run it. It is free and is a no hassle free program that works great. And since nobody seems to have the guts to say it, I will. This virus you mainly get from visiting porn sites, and you WILL get it. This is why I urge you to go to the link and print out the instructions now. They won't do you any good once your computer is locked up. Option 1 is the best way to go. And no, I in no way condone visiting porn sites. I absolutely hate them. But....


If you are running Windows XP like I am, you can just follow these simple instructions, and then download and run Malware Bytes after your computer is restored using "system restore". Remember, if you don't print the instructions ahead of time, it won't do you any good when/if you get this virus because you will not be able to get on the internet with your computer.

1. Press reset to reboot the computer, and keep pressing the F8 key until you are able to select "Reboot in safe mode with Command Prompt".

2. Type CD\

3. Then type CD windows

4.Then type the command explorer.exe

5. The task bar should appear on the bottom. Click "Start" then "Programs" then "Accessories" then "System Tools" then "System Restore". Go back two days or at least go back to a date before you got this virus. That should do it!

6. Download Malware Bytes and run a full scan on all drives. Remove the 2 trojans that Malware Bytes will find.