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    Came and went

    We have been fully staffed for some time now, and due to the economic downturn and the amount of Techs without work now qualified people are not a problem any longer. Just like everything else in our capitalistic system it's all about supply and demand.
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    This thread is still going? lol

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    Hello Pioneer, I am not here to take a polks at you.I am an overpaid union tech, living in an over priced state, where most of the union companies, always think that were are always trying to screw them, but need us, and our bodies to make them money,a lot.One, for a business owner, I would not place my laundry like this, with some people who hide behind keyboards...I understand you are getting a lot of B.S. here, but, working on Federal property, are you paying your guys prevailing wages? and $120 an hr, thats like having Trane union tech to show up at your house here in Mass...Good luck sir, just trying to converse with you. Any advice on being a good employee?

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    can you imagine a customer of his seeing how Pioneer's behavior and views are?

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    I think it's a woman??

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    I live in the Richmond area and not many companies here pay that good or supply those benefits for residential work.

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