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    Questions About HVAC in NYC area

    Iam going to be finishing a tech school in early april in nyc. I was just curious about hows the job market in the nyc area and is it alot of lay-offs due to the short summers ect. and whats the best way to start in this area union/non-union. any advice would help thanks.

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    Thumbs up Hvac in "N.Y.C"

    Do you live in N.Y.C. or are you commuting to school ???

    My advice to you is contact local 638 in long island city explain that you are in tech school and when you will be graduating ask them if they can send you the booklet which lists the names and addresses of all the Contracters that are local "638"
    That way you can get some resumes sent prior to graduation.

    I can not overstate the following statement "do not waste any of your time working for "NON-UNION" contracters also Do not go to work for contracters that are part of Local "355"
    638 has a very good pension plan. work union live better,eventually retiring with a decent pension.

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    Arista,Donnally,JDP,Trane,all 638B shops continue with school into 2008 and start calling around after the new year.if you get picked up by one of these shops they are deemed to get you into the union within 3 months of being hired...and then enroll you into the 638 Training program where you will go once a week(Tues) for 8 hours, and get payed for it,then work the week with your company.lot of companies that are big on service also have inhouse training where lead techs run training for the new guys.forget the layoff talk if you apply yourself and show a real interest in the work your in,believe me!don't let the 2008 season come and go keep the non-union shops in the back ground because no matter what,experience is your priority even a year or two just doing maintainence "being out in the city" is experience on your next job interview.your school if they have a good rep. might give you leads on companies and or companies might come in to see the students...good luck.go into site and put in "air conditioning" and pick NYC then "contractors" for company listings and websites.
    "when in doubt...jump it out"

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