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    No doubt they are correct

    I don't like to trash a guy based on second hand info.

    Sounds like he was havin a bad time of it.

    He may need some refresher courses

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    Been a while since I posted but I wanted to update.

    I know, my system is 10 years old, I had duct problems, etc etc, but ever since the fan motor was replaced I was never quite happy with the performance and the electric bills. But we limped it through the rest of the season and it held up, that is until the other day. The fan runs, but no compressor.

    My wife decided, dont use them again, call my friends friend who is running his own AC repair business and give him a try, so I did.

    I told him up front, I WILL NOT PURCHASE A NEW SYSTEM unless there is no hope for this one.

    Here is what he found, and what he did to correct it.

    1: The larger fan motor was not a problem for him, the previous installer even installed a secondary start-run cap for the new motor, the distance of the fan on the shaft however was not correct, he fixed this.

    2: Compressor was not running due to a bad start-run cap and a burned lead to the compressor, he estimated this was due to the compressor being run with too high of a head pressure causing the compressor to draw quite a bit more current.

    3: Inside a-coil was fine but dirty, he pulled it and cleaned it very well and straightened some of the bent fins-this was due to the fact that the filters sit right on top of the a-coil and are held in place with a bar. He recommended pulling the door to the air handler closet and replacing it with a sealed door with a built in filter frame instead of the louvered door. I have ordered a custom door to replace this one. He cleaned out the air handler including the squirrel cage, he replaced the weatherstripping around the door for the Intertherm air handler to keep air from leaking in.

    He re-covered the suction line with new insulation, sealed the hole in the floor to prevent air from coming into the closet then he cleaned out the closet the air handler is in and moved my tags from the condensor unit to the inside closet so they would no be further damaged.

    4: He completely tore apart the outside unit, replaced the connectors on the fan wires, and secured them better and installed watertight connectors, replaced the start-run cap, cleaned out the dirt in the bottom of the condensor unit, restrapped all of the wires properly, replaced the connectors on the compressor with a kit that includes brass connectors with allen heads, he said this is one thing he insists on doing as he see's these connectors fail all of the time. He sprayed a cleaning solution to the outside of the coil, let it soak, and then sprayed it from the inside out and then soaked it again.

    He told me he was not fond of the condensor I had as in his opinion they designed the coils very poorly in this unit that made it a little more prone to clogging, he say that Goodman has since corected this issue.

    After cleaning the coil and re-assembling everything he fired up the unit and hooked up the gages to check the charge. It is 95 degrees outside today, low humidity, like 15%. The head and suction pressures were spot on after 15 minutes, and the temps in the house dropped from 87 to 78 in 4 hrs.

    Now thats as well as this system used to run when the house was new.

    I asked his opinion on replacment, he said the compressor is strong, and now that the system is cleaned he see's nothing to him that would indicate a replacement was necessary. He charged me a pittance compared to what a new system would cost me, took his time, did the job right and will be standing behind his work.

    Why could my previous AC folks that I have used for 10 years do this, I can tell you why, there is no money in it I guess, sell the man a new system becuase this one will take too much work to get right.

    This new small AC company now has my business, the other does not, and when I do buy a new system, it will be a Goodman, and it will be from him. He loves them, he has one in his own home. Bang for the buck he says!

    Thanks to all for listening, I wish there were more techs like you folks and this guy, so many repair techs just dont give a damn!

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