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    I couldn't tell the sound diff between high & low anyway. The swept wing blade is quieter, cheaper, nothing to go wrong.

    I don't blame Trane's relationship with big orange for cheapening of any product. The entire industry is responding to John Q. Public's demand for the cheapest price they can get. Only way to do it is cheapen the product.

    What's the best made furnace? A ThermoPride. What's the most expensive furnace? A ThermoPride. What's the least sold furnace? ThermoPride. Can't have the best for the least and the public wants the least $$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skippedover View Post
    You're missing the big picture. Trane got in bed with the big box company. The big box company ALWAYS demands that products be manufactured at a lower price and that the manufacturer ALWAYS pick up the full warranty for any products returned to them. Thus the big box appears to have a great warranty but it all goes back to the manufacturer. So if you're the manufacturer how do you reduce costs? Up to 30% I've been told by other manufacture's reps who've had to deal with the big boxes. Reduce manufacturing costs by cheapening the product wherever you can, reduce manpower across the board. No people to update the website or fire/cut back on the consultant who does it. There's never something for nothing so it comes down to where you can cut corners. You need to step back to get a view of the big picture instead of focusing on the little things. JMO.
    Uh, ya, sure thing, skippy.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Confused Answer??

    Quote Originally Posted by msm20032003 View Post
    I recently bought a Trane XL14i air conditioner. I have a Trane single stage furance as well. The XL14i says it has a two speed fan on it. How does this work, and how does the air conditioner kow when to use the high or low speeds?
    The XL14i did have a 2 speed outdoor fan motor that would work with a 1 stage furnace. The process of changing speeds is similar to your vehicle radiator cooling fan. Ever hear the fan in your motor change on a hot day? Same thing, just not as noticeable with the XL14i. With this ever-changing industry, one must accept change and be o.k. with not being the first one to know. Keep it simple.

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    XL14i substandard heat output - xl15i much higher ?

    Quote Originally Posted by MJDHVAC View Post
    The XL14i is a great unit. We sell alot of those units, they perform very well. The site for Trane sometimes can be dated and is not that freindly to surf. Sounds like you have a great unit. Good luck.

    If the XL14i is great, why is the heat output so low in airdirectory database versus xl15i of same series, almost 5K btu difference in output.

    XL15i Weathertron 4TWX5036A1 4TXAC037AS3 *DX1B080A9H3 36,000 12.00 14.25 Capacity (Btuh) 37,200 47 deg 8.70
    Capacity (Btuh) 24,000 17 deg

    XL14i Weathertron 4TWX4036B1 4TXFH041AS3 *DD1B060A9H3 36,000 11.70 14.00 32,400 8.30 20,

    LUXAIRE, UNITARY PRODUCTS GROUP Acclimate 8T HL8B036F1 FC/MC62D+MV12D+TXV 36,000 13.35 18.00 36,000 10.00 25,800

    One of the members pointed this out to me, really freaked me out because I can't figure out what would explain the huge difference between the 2 units of same series, or are these measurements flawed because they all use different furnace/coil combos.

    Are these measurements considered to be accurate and valid?

    I am about to install a xl14i hp in northeast climate and heat efficiency is crucial as backup system is oil.

    Don't know what the price diff between 14 and 15 is but I feel like changing my order at least to xl15i or worse canceling (find new contractor) - I still have a couple of days to do that. SHOULD I OPT FOR XL15i for way better heat output - will that save a hundred or 2 a year (4kbuth diff)

    Comments? help?


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    I pretty much ignored the high temp heat outputs (47*). The low temp heat output is what I focus on. That will drive how cold you can run your HP before aux heat.

    That said, same indoor coil, same furnace, the difference is 4K BTU at low heat (about 20% more heat).

    I didn't shop the Trane's much, so I don't know what the other differences area between the 14 and 15.

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    look for the B in the middle of the model #4twx4036 "B" 1000a the website is dated.

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