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    So either a Trane XL16i heat pump with clean effects or a carrier infinity 16 seer heat pump with infinity air purifier would be a good choice? Is a 16 seer the best buy these days? I like the carrier controls but trane said I wouldnt have to replace the cleaneffects filter ever, while carrier said i would have to every year on the infinity cleaner. Which air cleaner is better?

    What benifits do I have with the carrier infinity controls that i wouldnt with the trane controls?

    Keep the answers coming, i need all the help i can get.

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    I don't know much about the Carrier air cleaner but I know the Trane is well-liked and popular. The XL16i should be an excellent heat pump. Also one more thing: go for a variable speed air handler. A good system, in my opinion, would be:

    -Trane XL16i heat pump properly sized (R410a)
    -Trane CleanEffects air cleaner
    -Trane variable speed air handler (model number?)
    -Honeywell VisionPRO IAQ thermostat

    I'm not a professional, this is just my bystander advice. The above system won't really be cheap, but in my opinion, would be well, well worth it. As would a Carrier Infinity, as would a Lennox signature system, etc... If you like quiet systems, the Lennox would probably be just about the quietest you can get, but the Trane and Carrier are quiet, too.

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    Carrier, Coleman, York, Trane

    Who cares!
    When I asked an auto mechanic friend which (brand) of truck to buy, he stated that they all break. They all have tires and a steering wheel.

    The way things are massed produced today ALL of them may have a problem, some more than others. If your installer is knowledgable and has a good reputation, that is what you want to focus in on. Can they service the thing after it is put in? Home owner try to put their comfort system in the same boat as a refrigerator (one size fits all). It is not, it should be designed custom for your home and the way you live.

    And do you want ALL the bells and whistles.
    Life is too short, Behappy!

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    Well I am getting a quote from a Carrier guy today that has been in business for 20 years and has a good reputation. Also getting 2 trane companies that are good installers to quote me. I live in a small town and we own a business. We have done business with all of these guys for years and have a good relationship with them.

    My dad wanted me to look at a goodman which is what I will be replacing. It has worked well since I moved in 2 years ago but is undersized. It is 12 years old.

    Goodman is alot cheaper, but I always think you get what you pay for.
    Who makes Goodman?

    Also I dont really know what the"bells and whistles" are in Heating and air. I am a tech guy so i like all of that unless it is useless. I will be here for 20 years or so. I want this system to be future proof, if there is such a thing in HVAC.

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    Actually, Goodman makes Goodman. And Amana HVAC stuff.

    The "bells and whistles" in today's HVAC systems generally relate to comfort, not just basic temperature setting per se. But that doesn't mean that more features = always more comfort.

    So what does "comfort" mean? It might mean humidity control, either reducing or adding. It might mean a way to independently control (or correct) temp/humidity differences from one floor or room to the next.

    Do you need that stuff? Maybe, maybe not. Do you want it/would you appreciate it? Maybe, maybe not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mothergoose45 View Post
    So Trane heat pumps are better?
    Since your looking at heat pumps. Trane's 16i is not a good choice economical operating cost in heating.
    The 15i is good though.

    The Carrier has better moisture removal abilities then the Trane 15i.
    The Infinity control will control the blower speed better then what an IAQ can on a 15i.

    What duct alterations have they proposed. Since they want to install a larger unit. The large unit will need to move more air then the old one.

    If your ductwork is too small. You have operating problems with a 4 ton unit.
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