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    Not Guacamole !!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is a recipe for making a great tasting chip dip, for football season.

    3 lbs fresh Jalapeños
    1/4 cup veggy oil
    2 tablespoons of Knorr chicken bullion (powder)

    1. Pour oil in to skillet
    2. Add de-stemmed jalapeños
    3. Cook jalapeños till soft and brown
    4. Put cooked jalapenos in to blender
    5. Add Knorr chicken bullion
    6. Add a little veggy oil from pan, and start to liquefy (if to thick add a little more oil).
    7. Sit back, and watch everyone pour the dip on, thinking it's Guacamole.

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    I bet it's funny. Thinking they are getting ready to bite into a cool dip and then their mouth is on fire. You should throw in a Habenarro or two.

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