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    Quote Originally Posted by coleman carter View Post

    As a certified master ABCS for Johnson Controls, Inc. the world leader in HVAC and controls. I am tired of you making up lies about there treatment. They are number 1 and your very jealous. The NAE is one of the most powerful creations in years. If your not competent to install or program it, go back to installing T87's

    Coleman Carter
    D-BAG # 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by x-wrenchturner View Post
    Actually Freddy, I was being serious.
    I understand the OP's frustration, and the likes of those "on the list" here only makes it that much worse.

    I know he wasn't refering to me, as I know who I am.

    It all good my brother, and it's a Friday at that!!
    I will add however, that while making such generalized statements as the OP did is very childish,
    it sure isn't worth getting worked up over!

    Now as i said,
    it Friday!

    I'm outta' here.

    Hold down the fort, and don't feed the trolling idiots.
    IlovemyjobIlovemyjobIlovemyjob....say it with me now!

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    Chet, you're getting the full blue carpet treatment.

    Right on, controlgeek

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    If your Project Manual 1 includes 'General Conditions of the Contract for Construction', AIA doc A201/CMa, review these sections:

    6.1 'Owner's Right To Perform Construction..' (operations)
    8.3 'Delays And Extensions Of Time'
    9.3 'Applications For Payment' (9.3.3 is what controlgeek is speaking of.)
    12.2 'Correction Of Work'
    13.3 'Written Notice'
    13.5 'Tests And Inspections'
    14.2 'Termination By The Owner For Cause'

    If your Manual 1 doesn't use the mentioned AIA, the wording/headings will be in the 'General Conditions of the Contract for Construction' somewhere.

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    Let's make it right

    You know all this back and forth banter isn't getting this taking care ot this customer. Time for some of the JCI employees to step up to the plate and make this situation right. As a controls technician, I feel the most important thing is we get this school situation corrected. When a situation like this in one of the branches happens, then it tends to make the whole company look bad. So instead of typing responses to the problem, do something about it. Makle your company proud!!!!!!!!!!!! Then you can say your the leader of the industry.
    Law Of The Thermostat: He who has the thermostat wins!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by simsd View Post
    If the job is still in progress and not complete, then you don't own it yet. Once the job is complete, then you can do what you want. This is a straight forward contractual issue. When you are ready to sign off, then make them show you that everything works correctly. Once they prove everything is correct then you can request the IP address.

    Here's the deal. They can claim that until the job is complete, you don't have access rights. This goes for any manufacturer/contractor.

    After I wrote this, it seems like all sorts of daggers were being thrown, and I think some were at me. If you look at what I was saying, I was just saying that If the job is still in progress and not complete etc.

    Now Chet is saying that the job is complete and they have removed the NAE off his network. If this is the case, then they should put it back on.
    Also, check the drawings and look at the details page on the NAE. You'll might find that they wrote "internet or DSL connection provided by others or owner". If that's the case then you have a great leg to stand on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simux View Post
    So instead of typing responses to the problem, do something about it.
    I believe the gentleman has been receiving help with his issues already, along with the assorted chaff that is to be expected on any public forums like this one.

    As a matter of fact, if you check out the links below to all of his threads, it seems that he has been getting one hell of a lot of good info, and assistance for someone who then decides to throw so many stones about.

    He then posts the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by Chet1508 View Post
    And screw you blue bastards for being so callus and ignorant
    when not even knowing who here actually even works for JCI.


    What a waste of time....

    IlovemyjobIlovemyjobIlovemyjob....say it with me now!

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    Sound to me like xwench, freddy krueger, twisted pear, simsdee and alray-hal all would love the opportunity to work for the world leader in facility automation. But I do not think Johnson Controls, Inc. would be interested in any of you.

    Coleman Carter Certified Master Metasys Guru

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    All of these BLUE FREAKS are making this site quite laughable.
    Beware of the prophet trying to make a profit.

    There is less oxygen from knee level to the floor! Check it out next time you tie your boots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qtip View Post
    All of these BLUE FREAKS are making this site quite laughable.
    Yes, but i am the original and the best. My blue disciples can try to carry

    the torch on .

    However, My work here is done. I am retiring once more. If the need arises

    again to bless the uninformed of the true potential of blue, I may still be

    lurking to set the record straight.

    BTW: I am only 1 of 2, which was really no secret to begin with.

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    "Can't we all just get along" (That was in my Rodney King voice)

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    I should of not directed this to all JCI employees. I have some good friends that work for JCI. It was direct at all the negative commentors whether they worked for JCI or not. x-Wrenchturner I especially apologize to you because you have always had positive feedback

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    thtas why a modem is better y.ou dont need johnsun to help you out

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