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    Does anyone know where Rolo can get sepll check?
    slepp check? Oh spell check!

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    From Robertshaw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyBlue View Post
    Yes, but i am the original and the best. My blue disciples can try to carry

    the torch on .

    However, My work here is done. I am retiring once more. If the need arises

    again to bless the uninformed of the true potential of blue, I may still be

    lurking to set the record straight.

    BTW: I am only 1 of 2, which was really no secret to begin with.


    Need you here to keep the Big Blue presence real.

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    Actually x-wrenchturner and mackinaw do a great job of “keeping it real”

    Anyway IndBlue’s new Avatar makes sense now. He has been working so closely with JCI’s new foreign disciples from 7-Eleven. Did I say disciples I mean programmers (would you like a Slurpee with your temperature sensor).

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    fun fun

    There was a lot of good information posted early in this thread to teach the guy how to find the IP address of the NAE, if that is all he wanted to know--He should apply the knowledge given to him--If he doesn't he should ask someone(his JCI contact) for help in fixing his problem. Let's all just rip on each other and make the world a better place.

    Construction Rule #1-It is always the other guys fault.

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    Chet this sounds like a typical JCI job of late. I would recommend port dump as all have said then once you are in change the ip to one that only you the customer knows and tell JCI to figure it out. I do not know of one job in my branch that is on time or being done to the benefit of the customer. A good technician who does not follow the big blue concept woudl be working with you on this and say to hell with management. It is not those of us in the trenches supporting these decisions or methods but those above us.

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    I believe your right. I have be friended the technicians. When I have talked to the tech's on the site without management nearby. They admit that they feel bad about the whole situation. It's very hard on them running from job to job having to be put fires out all day. Plus trying to remember where they left off due length of time between sites.

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