Adams Hudson is one of the presenters at HVAC Comfortech 2007 and his session is titled: "Extreme Marketing Make-over." Besides doing a fantastic job as a member of the faculty for Comfortech, Adams likes to practice his marketing skills. So, check out this cute video he has posted on YouTube.

In addition, he and I are hosting a teleseminar on how to cure low sales. He says that most people try to fix their low sales issues by ...
  • Creating a new pay plan to “fire up” staff
  • Changing pricing: tweaking up, down or sideways hoping for a breakthrough.
  • Investing in fancy software, brochures, or high-dollar training
According to Hudson, "All that is fine, all of it helps, but the truth is that to sell more HVAC systems and service, you need more incoming leads."

One of his customers, a contractor named Jeff Lee, Goyette Mechanical, was a contractor with sales problems. Acccording to Hudson, Lee's problem was that he had zero sales, zero customers, and zero in-home name recognition 3 years ago. Today, his company enjoys $5,720,000 in residential sales.

Hudson says that over $3million of that was sold the last 12 months! Today, Goyette Mechanical has:
  • The highest name recognition in town.
  • The largest number of web visits in town.
  • Secured $181,000 of publicity… for free.
  • Generated more leads in a day than some competitors do a month.
And the cool thing is that their entire marketing and sales department is run by one person – Jeff Lee, himself.

Both Hudson and Lee will be speaking att HVAC Comfortech 2007 in St. Louis, MO in just a few short weeks. And both have agreed to be interviewed for a free 1 hour teleseminar at 2:00 EDT on SEPTEMBER 12, to “Spill the beans” about what he did and how he did it."

So, please join me, Jeff, and Adams for this exclusive 1 hour Teleseminar on September 12, 2007 at 2:00 EDT. As an incentive, Hudson Ink is planning to give away all kinds of things during the call. If you REGISTER now you can get in for absolutely free.

Please do not delay. If you miss out, you will get a message saying we’re overbooked. I do not control that. Actually, you do! So REGISTER NOW...

Here’s how to register for free -
  1. Go HERE to register (takes 25 seconds) to make sure you reserve a spot. (Limited lines available.)
  2. You will receive an email confirmation with the phone number to call and code to enter.
  3. On September 12th, call the number and use the password you receive in your confirmation email a few minutes before 2:00 EDT. (Check for exact time and time zone differences). That’s it!
Looking forward to you joining us as we share the secrets to skyrocketing your sales,