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    Thumbs up Winning Essay From GenoMan

    Dear Comfortech 2007,

    Having just recently entered the field of HVAC in the area of Service Sales, I find myself swimming in a sea of new ideas, mind stretching concepts and an almost inpenetrable wall of techno jargon.

    Since my background includes a stint in the Navy as a Missle and Gun Systems technician as well as over a decade of learning and selling mainframe computer systems, my first thought was that the HVAC industry would not be "rocket science" and I would be well on my way to conquering this field in no time.

    I sit here now humbled, and fully aware that I don't even know what I don't know about this industry. The science, and even art, of HVAC design, engineering, construction and service is a field that I now realize I could spend a lifetime learning and still wouldn't know everything there is to learn. I have a lot of lost time to make up before I feel proficient in this industry and the HVAC Comfortech 2007 conference in St. Louis seems an ideal way to acquire a breadth and depth of knowledge that would be otherwise unattainable through any other venue.

    My subscription to Contracting Business magazine and HVAC-TALK have been incredibly rich and valuable resources that have already helped me answer many puzzling questions and I look forward to using these resources for many years to come.

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    Congratulations GenoMan.

    Please contact me thru my email (in my profile) so I can see what dates and times you plan to attend Comfortech, so that I can get you set up with your hotel and flight information and send it to you.

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