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    Quote Originally Posted by hurtinhvac View Post
    Mine since the 50's. I'd be hard pressed to believe any contractor here charges any different rates for anything. Period.
    Mines also, and since the 50s too. Although the contracts differ sometimes, any guy that shows up to the account is adding 100+ up per hour - though there are contracts we have that is a set amount of pay, i can tell the difference when the service manager tells us we need to get out in x hours no matter what. I remember one time as a helper i snuck into an account hoping i can learn something from the two techs during their pm - i had to hide because if i was seen then the customer would likely flip out thinking he was being charged for an extra man.

    Sometimes they send a helper who makes 12 an hr as the second "tech", and bank the rest of the 100$.

    As for older techs, i know two guys in my company who were hired at 40, and the other was 50, all entry level. They spend most of their time doing PMs. I work in commerical a/c.

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    Started at 42. 46 this year and all is good and learning every day

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    I can only speak for myself, but I always do my best to look at each individual, AS an individual. Attitude and aptitude often go hand in hand, but of the two, I find attitude to be most important. What others have said here is true-you'll be starting over, and will have to prove yourself. You will have the life experience that the younger guys don't, however. While I am very open-minded about giving young, inexperienced guys a chance, I will say that my success rate has been much higher with the 35+ crowd. As stated in other posts, be prepared to start out at a lower pay rate.

    Also, I have yet to meet a tech fresh out of school that I would trust with my customers after only a week-ain't happening here.

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    After being laid off from my previous industry 4 times in 18 years I decided to make a change. I graduated tech school at 41 and started working right out of school. I'm 43 now and enjoying my career change. I say you only live once...go for it!

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    I am 55, have the opportunity to possibly choose my next opportunity. Have B.S. degree in IndustrialTechnology, management experience, facilities mgt for large manufacturing company, and have basic electrical and computer skills. When you reach your 50's, most employers won't give you the time of day. I just want to enjoy my next career choice, like to work alone, understand customer service, enjoy working with electrical equipment.

    I live in the Denton,Tx area, north of DFW. A popular private training program in nearby Irving
    area. Fortunate to have a supportive spouse that encourages me to find something that I will like.

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