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    Heat N Glow Escape 42 Fireplace Wall Thermostat WSK - MLT Mutilfuncion

    I have not posted in several years since building a new house 6 years ago. Everyone helped me pick out the above natural gas fireplace for my new house back then.
    My question is the flame button is getting very hard to turn on the fireplace. This also adjusts the flame from High to Low to off. In the winter I leave the cold climate on to run the pilot light.
    Do I have to buy a new Wall thermostat Wsk-mlt from Heat and Glow or will a new keypad work?
    Also , can the button be repaired?
    I love this fireplace but I have heard these wall fireplaces have been somewhat of a problem. This button gets a lot of wear in the winter as we cut it on and off several times a day.
    What do you think? I also have the battery backup rocker switch pack installed in the side of the fireplace.

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    I meant wall thermostats instead of wall fireplaces.

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    If you can get just the keypad, you can replace it usually. You'll need the special one that takes the three wires and wire them the same. the terminals are marked for the color of the wire.

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