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    Question backup for old heatilator caliber DSI

    this has a fairly new, functioning robertshaw DSI

    apparently no battery backup is possible (?)

    easiest work around--

    12 volt battery -> invertor -> 120 V input to DSI transformer

    second opinions?

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    The transformer might put out 24V depending on the DSI system. If you could find an inverter that went from a 12VDC battery to 24VAC it might be more efficient. Not an electrical engineer or anything so I don't know how all that works.

    Your idea sounds like easiest and probably best way, most of the DSI systems have an extension cord coming off the transformer you could just unplug and then plug into the inverter. Don't know if the heat would have an effect on the inverter or battery if it was too close.

    You might also consider tearing the whole thing out and replacing it with a standing pilot or an IPI system (which can run off 2 "D" batteries). You'd be amazed what can be done with a tear out / reinstall.

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    Contact Heatilator Tech Support with the model, serial number and 4 digit mfg. date code off the rating plate. However, when I discussed this with them in the past, the engineers told me the module will not recognize the square wave from the inverter so what comes out of the transformer is not a true sine wave signal. You can try it but I doubt it will work. Heatilator 24 volt DSI cannot be converted to IPI. Their current standing pilot units can be switched to IPI.


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    thanks, hman

    if no one else has actually tried it,
    perhaps i will, using a low watt sine wave inverter

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