Siemens has released an update to panel firmware that makes ethernet panels more resistant to "network storms".


Ethernet Field Panels running Firmware Revision 2.8 Build 1104 or 2.7 Build 1006 may stop communicating on an APOGEE Ethernet ALN after a period of heavy network traffic occurs.

Some of the known symptoms after the field panel fails to communicate on network are:

Insight and the rest of the network show the field panel FAILED and the field panel gets disconnected from the network.
Even after the field panel fails on the network, local node table of the panel may show it is still communicating on the network.
The field panel may still respond to PING and TELNET commands.
Typically a coldstart of the controller would be only way to bring it back online.

The solution/patch has been successfully tested at several job sites.

The permanent solution is incorporated into Firmware Revision 2.8 Build 1105 which will be available on StdApps drive within the next 1-2 weeks.