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Thread: Software/Cables

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    Does anyone have a list that contains software needed to connect and configure different controllers from different manufacturer?
    The list of software, convertors, and cables.
    Such as Johnson uses M-tools and SCT and cannot be used for anything else.
    Carrier uses Network service tool, can this be used with other manufacturers?
    Is there a list out there?

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    re: software and cables

    Hi there DDCJCI,
    I personally don't know if there is such a list. Most companies use 2 wire RS 485 or 4 wire RS 422 for distributed control. RS 485 specification only defines the electrical properties of the signal, not the protocol. Each manufacturer therefore has their own protocol specs, and their controller architecture is designed specifically to encode and decode their own version of RS 485. Other manufacturer's signalling would be interpreted as gibberish or noise.
    So basically whatever product you're dealing with means you have to use their software and possibly their cables (null modem etc). B&B electronics have heaps of stuff on their website which may help.

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    If there were a list, it would be out of date by the time I sent it to ya.....

    WWW. the thingy your working on. com and go from there.....

    Good luck

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