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    I wondered about the CO alarms because was at a seminar last week and was told that it only picks up above 70 ppm and wondered why would they mandate them here in Cali if it was ineffective? Hey I just want the customer safe and not be in court being questioned why I didn't recommend one. Thanks for the info HH will look into my local codes on that don't want to sell products that don't provide intended results. Have a cool one.

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    Ash, my question was loaded at your expense so sorry for putting you on the spot. The public is not told about the shortcomings of the UL 2034 listing nor of the unreliability of most off the shelf listed CO alarms. The CPSC is well aware of this short fall as they themselves have published a study on CO deaths where a listed alarm alerted. Think about that---There were so many deaths even in cases where these pieces of junk alerted that a number of people still died! There are powerful forces in who's best interest it is that these things are NOT very sensitive. The fire chief's, fire marshal's and listed alarm mfrs. all have banded together and actually gotten the US House to pass a bill outlawing low level unlisted CO alarms from mfr, sale or distribution! Note that most of these junk listed CO alarms come with the admonition to get "additional protection" then limit you on getting that protection! It's crazy.

    Learn the alert limits of listed alarms. Has been discussed here many many times. Gotta run!

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