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    Alerton FLG-Modbus

    I am looking for the technical manual (wiring/ terminal) description
    or the Alerton FLG-Modbus

    We have to connect it to a Carrier Comfort Network controller

    Thank you

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    Man, I have never known someone that works on so many different systems.
    I mean, a few different systems may be but you seem to hit them all with no hesitation.
    I hope you get paid well. I am sorry as i have no info for you as I know next to nothing about alerton, but admire your determination.
    good luck.

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    If it makes heat, makes cold air ,hot air or if it sends out an alarm
    we work on it ,regardless of the control system
    So far I worked on at least twenty different control systems ,including your Lonworks
    And I must say we have had reasonable success
    I am not a hack, because I must have safety in mind at all times, and this equipment,hardware and software is very expensive.
    We represent different property owners and YES we have tried calling in all
    the controls contractors

    It is much easier on my part to call in the manufacturer contractor

    The property owners are always againest this because they
    feel it cost them alot of money and they never fix it right

    No comment here.
    I will say this though, the employees are really nice guys but many of them
    are non union and underpaid
    As result they have a lot of issues with their employers and that often
    reflects in their work.

    There is also a high turnover rate
    When we do get a good competent tech who likes to work, he ends up
    leaving the company for another job.

    The manufacturers are very helpful
    They do call back and they do send a wealth of information
    The only problem is that they move slow
    They can take up to a week to call you back.
    Many times I will find the answer on this site within a day

    From what I see, and I may be wrong, when you go to work for a control company
    they give you some training and you become a tech

    In the air conditioning industry, if you are good, you become a mechanic
    after a five year apprentice ship and at least two years of training

    I am not a control guy, yet I do have to carry at least two laptops in my truck

    If I had to work for a control company it would be Johnson Controls

    In the air conditioning industry, you must make water run up hill every day or else
    Now you know why I am very gratefull for the many knowledgeable people on this site

    I wish we had some of you guys doing the control work for us

    It would make my job much easier

    Thanks for all the help

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