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    automated logic system help

    I have never worked on a automated logic system before . I usually only work on andover controls

    I have 4 manuals for automated logic but cant find out what i need in them.

    On the pc when launching the automated logic system software I have a message about critial problem resources are low.

    Anyone know anything about this? anyone have a direction they can point me in? thanks

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    Whew, that sounds like it's running on an older PC with win95 or win98? The way to increase resources (assuming the PC has additional RAM) is to goto the system properties for the EXE and increase the amount of memory available to it.
    I can't remember the exact details of what buttons\tabs to click but I bet that will stop that message.
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    You have a computer problem, not an ALC problem. This is completely unrelated to your control system.

    Do a good system cleanup, scandisk, defrag, disk cleanup, ect. Once your computer is healthy, the ALC system should boot up. What are you launching, Vision, Supervision, InterOp Supervision, or I doubt WebCtrl? I'm a pro at the ALC Legacy systems, let me know how you make out or drop me an email if you need help.

    If you're running Vision, Supervision 2.5 or 2.6, go to utilities and "compile database" after you get your computer up. If you're running InterOp Supervision, try a "Compress database".

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