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    Vertical Air Handler Supports?

    Havent done any verticals in a while, most is horizontal around here, but im not complaining.

    I need to elevate the 10 ton air handlers about 3-4" off the slab, what would you guys use?

    I was thinking of these from Johnstone.
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    Should be able to download the engineering from the manufacturer to verify that that neoprene mount can handle the weight specs of the unit.
    I believe the manufacturerwe use for most of our isolators and seismic mounts is Mason Industries.

    Stuff that Johnstones carries is the bare minimum and you need to be careful with those mounts, they may handle the weight for a while, but quickly deteriorate and fail if over-loaded. Also need to add plating or concrete slabs under the type of mount your looking at to distribute the weight so your not eating through membrane or right through a roof. Have custom lengths of steel I-Beam cut for you at your local welding metal supply yard. These can then be laid down and give you a solid foundation to mount the isolators. May need to add cross members, but this is how we may do it on certain jobs.

    I have the luxury here in Utah to have Miro Industries right around the corner, and they can usually custom build any racking or equipment supports I may need.

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    mason industries makes great stuff. i like the I-beam idea too, easy. I'm assuming this raising is for run-off of water? whatever you put down there, make sure the rain and sun won't rust/disolve it.

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