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    screw compressor vibration isolator

    i have two options for vibration isolator; spring isolator and rubber pads

    please advice about the best vibration isolator for screw compressor

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    which did you choose?
    I think rubber pads sounds cheap and easy, but springs sound good if you proportion them correctly. I just replaced broken springs on a Copeland semi herm.
    go to carrier's website and peak in a chiller iom, see what there slappen under there screws.

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    Is this for the vibration isolator inside the unit, under the compressor only, or is it under the entire unit? If you're replacing a compressor in the unit, just use what was under the old compressor. If you're replacing or installing a whole unit, pads under the unit are usually good enough, unless it's located above occupied spaces where springs are a better choice. In other words, pads are usually used when the unit is on the ground outside the building or in the building on the lowest floor. But you should check with the manufacturer and local building codes before making a final decision.

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