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    Universal Controller

    Mr. Ausccn,

    Thank you for your comment. I'll be sure to look it up when I access the on-site computer, and update you.

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    Ausccn is right, if you want graphics they must be set up in Workspace. I can email you the ComfortView and UC manuals or you can download them from Carrier's website. Send me your email address and I'll get the manuals to you. My email address is in my profile.

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    UC not so friendly

    Hi everyone, im from Mexico City so i apologize if i dont write well. this is my first post.

    Here we sometimes use the UC but only when the aplication is simple, as already someone said, there´s no BEST option.

    First, i think that as contrltech says, you must use CView 3 or later to do the job, in fact, the UC are made for be configured with the Pilot (its the easiest way to do it).

    The prbblem i haved and maybe its the same as yours is that the flash downloads must be almost before any change in the configuration, the first time i have to make a UC work i was at 3am still in the building!

    try this
    Create all your inputs and outputs (in this case, put them on and put the numbers of the type and units) when youre done, download it to the controller and when its done, erase the controller from your database and create it again doing an upload.

    If that works let me know

    good luck

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