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    Wiring Fireplace Fan(?)

    So the switch to my fireplace stopped working today. Did some tests...and countless hours of reading, volt reading, ect... And Finally got it working by jumping it directly. But jumping it via the wall switch did not work... so I followed the wires to a box under the fireplace... opened it up, and it looks like the White wire from the Power plug isn't attached. I looked at the diagram... and the millions of wires intertwined.... And it gave me a headache!

    I'm a networking guy, who's trying to be more of a DIYer. I've ran outlets, setup Cat5/6, Done plenty of other stuff... But I felt like I was over my head trying to follow this diagram. I've included some pics:

    Not sure if just by these pics, anyone will be able to make any sense out of them (Hopefully). If you need more pics or anything.. let me know, and I can take them.

    I at first presumed the fireplace wasn't working because of the Safety switches on the glass doors... Which may be what it is, and I could have accidently pulled the white wire out when tracing... I'm not sure. The fireplace still lights up if I directly connect it... but I don't want to plug the fan box in, seeing as how it looks like the wire thats not plugged in, would be the hot wire... so I don't want to run it without the fan.

    I'd rather not pay hundreds for a fireplace tech to come look at it... So any help would be greatly appreciated!

    The model of the fireplace is Montigo 36cst, if that helps.

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    Are the dark smudges on the wiring diagram from your fingers, or the smoke generated from burning out the switch?

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    Pretty sure it was just dirt (Before I touched it, however). It does have a fuse in it, and I checked the fuse / it wasn't burn out.

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    Well, paying a pro to fix it may be better than paying the undertaker. That's line voltage and you should not be messing with it. Call a pro.

    Sorry but no DIY advice on this forum. See Forum Rules.

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    Understand your a fellow tradesman but have someone that works on these day in and day out to put their eyes on it. It will save your most precious commodity. ( Time) the money for a guy to wire or check fan circuit should be quick but these systems are dynamic they can operate with 2-3 things wrong. At that time the tech is working ask away, you probably know a big part of the job is educating customers about their systems. I try to share as much info with customers to help them help me. Have a cool one

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