Meet up with benncool and the war department for breakfast. Showed them around town and our shop.

We then decended down to WS.

The rooms are nice. Everyone met in muskies room. It is great to see old friends and some new faces.

Pabull is a trip. Glad to finally meet him and otto too.

Sitting in the room on ct's computer with ct, otto, and pabull. pa just said I will never drink again. lol

Friday night was great. The brew got passed around quite a few times. Headaches are in for this morning for sure.

selfemployed just walked into the room.

Going to try to get them up and moving. lazy guys lol

I got pictures but can't post any till I get home.

The pool was great.

Everyone competed to see who could make the biggest splash.

I think jpb2 got the torched passed to otto last night.

For thos who couldn't come yall really don't know what yall are missing.