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    Quote Originally Posted by lonboy View Post
    Instead of complaining about how LonMark is taking your business away, why not join up and get involved.
    LB - not sure if this is directed to me or not, but if it is, I've been there, done that (for many years).


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    It is not bad to have a certification for controls in general. There are worldwide a lot of company's who are telling that they have all knowledge of LOn,BacNet EIB modbus and so on. But when it really comes to point they don,t know anything. They start to complain the supplier or the protocol instead of looking to their onw skills. For the clients it will give them more trust to use LONTALK if they know that their installer who delivered the bms to him, got him at his balls. Here in Europe Lon and BacNet are the only certified bus systems for buildings by the EU but it is no law.

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