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    Distech FCU and JACE 201 Schedule problem

    I have some problems with a JACE 201 and some Distech FCU-L's and RTU-L's.

    I am using an Enum Schedule with an nviOccManCmd for some FCU-L's and RTU-L's. What's happening is two things.

    One is when the nviOccManCmd goes into unoccupied mode on one controller, it puts the nvoOccState in Bypass. I have tried the other modes and it always goes to Bypass except when I put it in Occupied and then it goes to Occupied.

    The second problem is that I am using the same schedule on an RTU-L and FCU-L with and nviOccManCmd and the nvoOccState shows Unoccupied but the fan continues to run.

    We are controlling the units from a return air sensor that we configured as the space sensor. We have set the Standby and Unoccupied setpoints for cooling at 90 and 95 respectively.

    Any thoughts?

    I have a copy of the station if anyone wants to see it.

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    First I wonder why you are using nviOccManCmd instead of nviOccCmd from a scheduler? The unit that goes into 'Bypass' does this because the bypass contacts are closed or the space temp sensor is shorted. If your sensor has a bypass button then check to see if it is stuck.
    Not sure about the second problem. How long does the fan run, indefinitely or just for a short while?

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