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    Weil Mclain Boiler-Life expectancy?

    Hi guys...I'm brand new here and really need some advice. (A friend from another forum directed me here).

    I was getting an annual cleaning of my Boiler yesterday (forced hot water tankless cast Iron Weil Mclain coil least I think that's what it's called), and the tech showed me that it had a small leak.
    (This is on the outside of the Boiler itself, but under some lid he lifted on top in order to clean out some 'fins' with a wire brush and vacuum).

    (As you can tell already, I sure don't know much about them).

    I don't see a model number anywhere but is says:
    Boiler size: AB-366E -Series 3 on the tag

    It's been going strong for 22 years now (Most of the time with a family of five..the 'kids' are finally grown up and moved out).
    But not before years of WAY too long showers by my kids (The furnace heats the water too with a heating coil).

    He told me that's a fairly typical life expectancy of that specific Boiler, and he's seen a lot of them start leaking after 20 years or so.

    He also said he really couldn't say how much longer it would last.....could get worse in a month, or could last a year, but recommended thinking about a new one really soon.

    I feel these guys have been good in the past, and I trust them, but replacing the Boiler right now is a killer for me financially (I can swing it, but sure wish I didn't have to).

    Then again, maybe the Boiler isn't quite as bad as they say.
    I looked this morning where the residue buildup was that he had cleaned off (when he showed me the 'leak' yesterday), and I didn't see any *visible* water leaking, so it must be a very tiny leak that takes time to start building up mineral deposits like it had.

    I'm thinking I could take a chance that it would last longer.

    On the other hand, I also live in New Hampshire, and the last thing I need is the thing dying on me when it's 10 degrees below zero.

    To add to the dilemma, I live way out in the sticks and my Oil Company really only offers two units to choose from.

    One is a Energy Kinetics System 2000 (which they highly recommend), but it's pricey.
    He said if I wanted something similar to what I have, they also have a "Utica" cast Iron Boiler.

    What should I do?

    [Edit] Thanks anyway guys.....I had to make a choice and I went with a System 2000. (Even though my old Boiler probably would have made it through the winter, the thought of it breaking down in the middle of a Northeast Winter was more than I could bear).

    (I had also started another thread, which I see I probably shouldn't have done...sorry, I'm new and should have read the forum rules a little more carefully).
    Believe it or not, I just slimmed this one down quite a bit too...most of it was wondering if they were just trying to sell me a new system.

    I've got to trust them as I have little choice. (And I do think they're trustworthy..I hope)

    Anyway, replies are of course welcome, but the System 2000 is a done deal, so even if I made a poor choice, no need to tell me so.
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    I also am in NH and in the same position you were in. I am seriously considering the System2000. How do you like it?

    Thanks in Advance!

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