Well I have been putting off getting one for a couple years after turning 50. I had pretty much heard you better get one when you turn 50.

Ok so I have no clue what its going to cost other then my brother told me that he had gotten one a few years back but it was with the shorter scope and the one that they didnt put you out. He claimed he wouldnt go that route again and would pay the extra for a true colonoscopy.

Ok so he was saying the one he had was somewhere around $650 but didnt remember for sure. Im thinking I better check the cost being I have $5000 deductable on my insurance to keep the cost down. It allows for $500 worth of doctors visits for things like phycicals or minor stuff before Im stuck paying anything up tp $5000. I just wanted major medical for something drastic.

Ok so now Im thinking that high of deduductal may not be too smart lol. Called to see what a colonoscopy costs ......... $1600 - $2400, I was shocked. I had no clue it was that high.

I know Im going to have to just pay it but it does piss me off a little when you look at what they are charging for something that I hear takes 20 minutes and they want to to get pretty often as preventive medicine against colon cancer.

I have been pretty lucky and have not had too many medical problems so I havnt been paying out much other then premiums on my health insurance. It just torks me that Im probably paying a lot more then my insurance company would even be willing to pay, I see that a lot with my brother. He has medical problems and ends up paying a lot of the differance over what his insurance company is willing to pay for certain procedures.

Ok so Im realizing why I have been hearing so many people complaining at heath care costs. It never really afected me but now that Im getting older , I see where its going to.