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    dole plates used for freezing products

    Any one out there know how to size plates that are solid , size being 24 x 48 they fit down into a ceiling panel grid and were originally used for hot water heating panels and i wanted to use them for freezing panels in a walk in freezer as the shelving parts .I am wondering if this would work,and would this be cost efficient to run as no fans,no defrost other than a manual one.It seems that in a modern day freezer, something is always running driving up operating costs. thanks jeff.Ps. any type of refrigerant excepable and horsepower.

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    dole plates widely used in freezers, but they are storage freezers. No way you can freeze product with a Dole plate.

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    Years ago, we used plate type evaporaters in brine tanks, and ice holds in fishing boats. We sized the compressors @ 8 to 10 square feet of surface area per ton of refrigeration. In your case, you have 8 ft2 of surface, use 1 ton (12000 btu) per plate. As far as refrigerant, I would use 404A. TXV selections should be made using Sporlan's selection liturature. Be sure to protect your compressor with oil separator, and accumulator.

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    Perhaps this info is more in line with what you're looking for:

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    Id like to thank all that replied , i found info by your web site in dole plate quick plate freeze sizing cant believe i didnt check back sooner , boy time flys.thanks jeff

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