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    Trane CSHS to CSHA

    I have the service bulletin for replacing CSHS to a CSHA. CSHA-SB-2B Are the pipe stubs at different heights? Will the piping need retrofitted?

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    Red to green,last one i did was on a '92 intellipack 20 ton (10 hp compressor),the heights were the same,made no piping alterations.It's a heavy pig though.

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    Should match right up with no modification. I usually saw the pipe flush at the compressor and heat up the steel fitting to remove it from the copper pipe. Cut the copper on the horizontal and use a coupling to put back together once the new compressor is in place. If the compressor is in a multiple circuit, drain oil from surrounding compressors so there is no fire when soldering the oil equalizer lines. Oops I didn't mean to be so long winded.

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