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    glass replacement

    I would like to replace a customers glass with a piece of pyroceram from a local glass company. I know it's not from the fireplace manufacturer but the temps and composition are equivalent. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

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    I believe the glass is also safety glass -


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    in my opinion it is a liability thing. i have seen several occasions where glass had shattered. in all cases i have seen this happens when the unit is heating up. usually it will melt the carpet and if somone is sitting in front of it (like kids) and someone gets hurt,, you will be the one they point at.
    i had a situation once where the glass shattered and we replaced it with oem glass. the next day it shattered and the customer wanted us to recarpet the entire home as the carpet melted and it was imported carpet and nothing would match. i gave her the number for the manufacturer and told her to take it up with them. end of story.


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    Exclamation parts ain't just parts

    Why expose yourself and your customer to this risk over a few bucks? What is the price difference btw mfrs. OEM vs. aftermarket? Does this glass have a rope gasket attached or is the gasket attached to the Fp? Is there a metal frame around the glass?

    Having investigated scores of complaints for BPM and CO, I cannot fathom the risk. It is their problem and it is non-essential equipment. They can either pay for mfr.s parts or do without until they can afford it. If this is because you damaged their glass, bite the bullet and get OEM.

    For the record, the listing & warranty would be voided because the glass has a major impact on firebox temps. Changing the glass changes the heat signature of that unit and thus the predictability of performance. Also, the ANSI Std. includes several tests of the glass such as a ball on a pendelum striking it and throwing wet rags on it to test thermal shock. You cannot do these tests in vivo.

    NGtech, you say the temps and composition are equivalent. I would suggest they may be similar but not the same. For instance, some mfrs use a low E coating. Even if you glass has it, which side is it on? Ceramic glass can transmit roughly 3x the radiant heat regular tempered glass does. However, those are just round numbers.

    If that glass shatters and shreds a little kid, then where are you? Leaks CO? BPM? Structure fire? Premature failure of components?

    If you use other than OEM parts and fail to disclose it to the customer, you could be liable for criminal charges for fraud. Even if you disclose it, you would get nailed on a failure to warn if any of the above calamities struck whether you discussed them or not.

    Just not worth it- period


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    Back in the 80's, I was an expert at using a glass cutter to put new neo-ceram in woodstove doors. The only exception was Vermont Castings which had a special coating to keep more heat inside the firebox.
    Heck, I even remember one of the first manufacturers to use pyro ceram, the inventor actually had tracks to slide a pyro baking dish into for the door.
    Old wood stoves are one thing, personally in this sue happy world, I wouldn't touch a gas insert or fireplace without using OEM glass.
    Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

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    never ever put yourself in a situation of liabilty, no one makes that much money, I tell clients not to put themselves there because I will not back them. Whatever came with the unit replace it with the same type. remember One thing ceramic does not have the same tensile strength as tempered so when it comes time to replace only replace with the same type.

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