OK boyz - here is a question - hope someone can help - - - -

I have a 3 stage water cooled A/C that has a V48AE-2 * 3 way water valve on the first stage cooling - the bypass port is piped to the common water discharge header. The other 2 systems have V46AE-1 * 2 way water valves that have the condensers dump back into the common water discharge header.

This is a brand new unit that has the first stage with the bypassing water valve feature to establish there is condenser water flow via a flow switch; if there is water flow, the A/C will run.

I DO NOT require this ' feature', and even though the bypass line has a ball valve to shut it off, the rest of the valve(s) are piped in tight with no unions or isolation valves. The problem is that the 3 way water valve is bypassing like mad, I have tried everything short of taking it apart, but due to the critical nature of this A/C, don't want to disassemble anything until I have a repair kit on hand ( part # STT17A-617R ) - problem is Johnson tells my wholesalers one is not available for 2 weeks. Repair kits are available for the 2 way valve ( # STT17A-610R ), but they can't tell me if I can get away with the 2 way valve kit to use on the 3 way valve.

I have over the years done lots with Johnson 2 way valves, and have not had real good luck with taking them apart without having new parts on hand, but am limited on experience with the 3 way valves. If there was room to remove the valves and plop in a new 2 way valve in place of the 3 way valve, I would have done that yesterday, but I mean, it is tight!!

Finally, my question - If I had the ' innards ' for a V46 valve and a seat repair kit, could I take the bottom ' bypass ' portion off the 3 way valve, bolt on the pressure bellows, and make the 3 way valve a 2 way valve??

OR, is there a website that gives the blowup of these valves ??

Thanking you all in advance -

Dave Beauchesne CM