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    Would'nt matter where I work, pop a phone call and one would be dropped off no questions asked, just biz.

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    let's not et excited - as long as the fan switch is in on, we're OK right? just kiddiing

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    Shucks man, all you got to do is to flip the filters over and write a new date on 'em and then charge the customer for new filters!

    I've seen this on anew account we took over. Every RTU (10 total) had filters that had been flipped and re-dated. Later found out that the customer had paid for every filter change. I wonder when they actually changed the filters for real?
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    Maybe this is the Phoenix, AZ branch...

    Who's responsible? It depends on who gets caught!
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    That is a high efficiency filter and will pick up 90% of the airborne dirt except the

    Quote Originally Posted by anacdoctor View Post
    from the air that bypass' the filter.

    It is really the customers fault for having a filter rack the does not fit the filter in the techs truck.

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    Makes the filters last longer.

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    atleast the arow is pointing the right way

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    Cool There is a reality to what one does

    I think that the people here are the type of people to do the right thing, when the problem is unfixable at the time.

    I'm pretty sure that everybody here has experianced the problem of not having the right tool or product for situation at hand. We try to make the best alternative for the time being, and try our hardest to make it back to adjust the situation appropiatly.

    This was hopefully a time when the tech went out he was given a list or a stack of filters to get and install. He probably got to the job, installed the filters right, til he got to the last one and realized, oh, damn, this filter doesn't fit, I need to go get the right one. I'll put this one in, because the other one is clogged. Go get another on from the distributer.

    The guy gets down to the van, calls in, and is told to go do something else instead, because of somebody in the office, that don't know sh!t.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reepersteve View Post
    ...He probably got to the job, installed the filters right, til he got to the last one and realized, oh, damn, this filter doesn't fit, I need to go get the right one.
    I know what you're saying. But, he could have at least tapped up the bypass. Better than how he left it and at least he could say he tried.

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    I am currently working in an area where we let a tech go and I am finding crap that took way more effort to do wrong than if he would have done it right. When you are a large national company, you can't look at every single job.

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    If he did have to install the wrong size filter, he should notify the customer when he would return with the correct filters. I agree, its on the tech.

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    It seems like the very large companies make alot of money by having a contract with other Large companies.
    I can bet that most of the companies don't have anyone watching.
    That is why this happens.
    They did not know anyone was watching.
    The job of the tech is to make money for the company.
    Coil gets dirty and needs a pull and clean.
    Dirty blower wheels
    You name it.
    And the GOOD tech's do sell.
    Put the work needed on the ticket, send it to the home office.
    The home office will call to have the work done.
    The home office does not know the filters being installed are the wrong size.
    The home office does not know they are creating needed repairs.
    No one is watching.

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    Blame Grainger for it. That is where he got the filter. LOL
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