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    2 new rooftop Yorks

    one unit is fine .... other one froze *half * of the evaporator up solid yesterday all the way to one of the compressors ... and it was frozen too .... but still kickin along like all was well .

    Systems been running for a month now . It may have froze up before and nobody knew it because I only stumbled upon it today when changing filters .

    I didnt install these units ... but the boss told me to diag them before we called someone .

    Belts fine , all fans are moving alot of air , all 4 filters fine .

    Yesterday was 97 and humid .

    *Off topic question as well * ....I do wonder .... why is it plumbed to draw in outside air into the return ? There is a big screen there on the units obviously made to draw in outside air all year around to mix where the return air comes up from the store .

    But anyhow .... my guess it its low on charge ? Im gonna get some soapy water and check solder connections today . I shut this one down last night to thaw out .

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    the return from outside is for fresh air, its code for commercial bldgs. leaks on new units arent all that uncommon. if u dont find any i'd check the t-stat and low voltage wiring, could be bad stat or short in wiring

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    Nick, you're in my old stomping grounds. I grew up in your town. Hows the weather? 06382

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    York units

    We need more details here - lots of the York units have low pressure and anti-icing controls on them - have you looked at the control circuit to establish if yes / no. Since they are new units, likely the coil(s) are clean. Is the fan turning the proper direction? Is it ( the fan ) loaded? Fire damper closed? etc. etc.

    As well, a system usually won't ice up all the way back to the compressor if low on charge - just not enough refrigerant, but you never know - I thought I would throw it in.
    Superheat and subcooling tell it all !

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    probably the lack of refrigerant, check the pressure, check the bubble

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    Model numbers?
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    This have an economizer on it? Seen the action on your RTU ecnomizers screwy from factory here and there. Amp draw on fan with doors closed would be helpful, humidity wouldn't cause it to freeze would only add a larger latent heat load to unit.

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