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    Long span AC Compressor Warranty

    Would anyone agree that if an AC manufacturer indicates a long span of years
    for Warranty on thier AC compressors (Say, rotary-scroll type) would definitely mean that such compressor is reliable or it is much prone to damages? Does warranty speaks for confidence or the other way around?

    I will have to state the case of LG Multi Power System (Multi-split)which offers seven (7) years warranty on thier rotary-scroll compressors.

    All responses are highly appreciated.



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    crap compressors can last twenty years, and the best compressors can last two minutes. a multitude of factors go into guaranteeing mechanical longevity in any device.

    I would say the only real motivation behind offering a warranty is sales. you see all these sh!t cars that have an advertising campaign with an emphasis on such a great warranty. good products that are properly cared for don't need a warranty, in my opinion

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    Smile Compressor warranty

    There are great warranties being offered, but there is a move by manufacturers to prove that the unit has been serviced per their specifications - so if you read the fine print, they want a unit serviced at least XX times a year; if there is a compressor failure, and the owner cannot prove proper service has occurred, guess what - they will contest the warranty.

    Now for us in the trade, it is an opportunity to sell a service contract, sell a service call and air filter, etc., but it is also our responsibility then to know what you are selling and know the ' fine print ' before it becomes an issue, at which point all you will have is an unhappy customer.

    Preventive maintenance is a great thing for sure - it is pretty easy to sell, just think of the last electronic item you bought - the sales clerk tried to pitch an extended service contract ( I'll bet ) - only in the case of HVAC equipment, it really does need the TLC to keep it running properly - you can sell it with a clear conscience. Keep up the good work!!!
    Superheat and subcooling tell it all !

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