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    interesting company
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    Quote Originally Posted by globe trotter View Post
    interesting company

    You want to expand on that?

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    It merged with another company last year, bought out another company last year, and was now bought its self.

    That was interesting.
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    The company has been privately owned since 2001 when it was bought from Edison electric. Last year 3 acquisitions in TX brought the branch count up to 30.
    Arsenal Capital a private equity firm has a controlling interest in the company, Arsenal brings expansion resources.

    Some of the companies work has been featured in LonMark magazine and other publications.

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    pretty big outfit here in southern california. have not heard anything bad about them. the guys who i have spoken to that work for them seem happy with them. only thing wrong that i can see is that they are non-union, but the union in so cal is crappy anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wellhung View Post
    but the union in so cal is crappy anyway.
    250, tell me about it.

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    After 20 years of working for semi small shops 8 months ago I went to work for Source refrigeration. i was skeptical about them based on what i had heard. to put it in a nutshell, I have zero complaints..great wages, new vans, plenty of work and awesome insurance. I will never work for a small family owned shop again. I've learned more in the last 8 months than in the last 2 years..
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